From fires, to heavy winds, to flooding and water damage, nature is a force to be reckoned with. These unpredictable disasters could hit your home at any time. That’s why Sabel Adjusters, public insurance adjusters,assures you a better recovery for your claim. We handle residential insurance claims in a timely manner, ensuring a smooth claims process while obtaining the maximum settlement.

  • Examine and analyze all pertinent insurance coverage on the risk in question to determine the specific type of insurance involved and the coverage stipulations, if any, such as functional replacement costs, depreciation, obsolescence, etc.
  • Prepare and present a fully detailed, cataloged and documented claim to substantiate the personal property damage, including fine arts and antiques.
  • Evaluate and properly prepare a claim for additional living expenses and loss of use, taking into consideration all prior and future expenses.
  • Consult, advise, and coordinate in the engagement of other experts to efficiently manage the claim process.
  • Attend any and all meetings, as necessary, with the insurance company, their adjusting or building representative, or any other interested parties.
  • Initiate, as necessary, and document a continuing dialogue of agreements proposed during the course of the adjustment and, when appropriate, confirm same in writing to the insurance company representatives.